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About Battleax Productions


I’m David J Heyer, the founder of Battleax Productions.  I have an M.A. in anthropology and extensive experience in academic writing.  I have also written fiction, and  Moonbeams Death Dreams is my first graphic novel.  Anthropology plays a key role in my writing and thought.  The core of Moonbeams Death Dreams is built on principles of empire building, charismatic leadership, and the evolution of a sociopath. The main character was inspired by Alexander the Great.

Through Battleax Productions, my mission is to make unknown writers and artists visible and their voices heard. In this noisy world of entertainment, it is hard to be seen.  There is a vast untapped source of talent throughout the world.  I  intend to mine, process and distribute it to the independent subculture.  

I"m Kronos. I am eight years old and have graduated from two prestigious obedience schools.  I have a charismatic personality and I am popular with the ladies.  I like long walks and very cold weather.  The things that make me very happy are walks, pooping, peeing, digging my claws into the grass, rolling around on the lawn and playing.  Eating also makes me very happy as long as I get my own way.  I could play and walk for hours.  I am generally known as a pest.  Being a Giant Schnauzer means that I am smart and stubborn.  What do I bring to Battleax?  My mere presence makes this company great.  I am a handsome boy and Dave is lucky to have me.  I am team Battleax.

I'm Petra. I come from a broken home.  Yes, it is true, I’m a rescue.  My health was restored and now I’m even a bigger pest than Kronos.  I’ve developed quite the booty.  Kronos likes it.  He’s a typical guy.  My likes are eating, playing, eating, walking, eating, chewing, eating, chasing critters, eating and eating.  Did I mention eating?  What do I bring to team Battleax?  Responsibility!!!!!  Dave and Kronos are goofballs.  Typical guys.  Someone gotta take care of business.  This girl’s got it goin’ on.